If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of the following North Star Resource Group offices or click the button below to use our online application form.

Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
Iowa City, IA
Madison, WI
Chicago, IL

Janelle Heth
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Regional Internship Director
Direct: 612-617-6092
Fax: 612-256-3092

Austin / San Antonio / Houston, TX
Cincinati, OH

Emily ArneyEmily Arney
Talent Acquistion Specialist
Direct: 512-610-4050
Fax: 512-610-4051

Dallas, TX
Philadelphia, PA

Jessica Casadaban
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Direct: 214-599-8324
Fax: 214-599-8343

Austin, TX
Bell Division

Jonathan Aseron
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Direct: 512-610-1830
Fax: 512-328-5139

Phoenix, AZ
Albuquerque, NM

Britni Mattison
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Direct: 602-224-5366
Fax: 602-224-9044
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